How Long Will My Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit Take?

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In general, lawsuits are usually resolved through settlement. Some lawsuits settle very quickly, and others drag on for much longer.

Some of the factors that influence how quickly, or how slowly, a lawsuit proceeds are beyond anyones control. The law relies on facts that require careful collection and analysis. If you are asking for compensation from a company that produced and sold a defective product, you certainly want to be sure you have an opportunity to present a thorough case.

However, the attitude of a law firm has and the way it operates can have a big impact on how smoothly its lawsuits move to conclusion. Greed, lack of empathy, simple inexperience, procrastination or disorganization on the part of either lawyers or their clients can stretch a lawsuit out over many years.

You need a hip replacement lawyer who is experienced in product liability lawsuits and dedicated to being an attentive advocate for you. The lawyers at the Rottenstein Law Group fit the bill.

Experience means that your attorney will move quickly through the process of bringing an action for compensation for damages related to the DePuy recall including the following:

* Determining whether you do in fact have a valid claim
* Collecting information about your prosthesis, your symptoms and your treatment
* Obtaining and organizing your medical records
* Securing depositions related to your case
* Working within the calendar and schedule of the courts system

We are truly concerned about our clients, and we communicate. We will keep you informed about every step as we negotiate a settlement or bring your hip replacement lawsuit to court. We know that poor communication and lack of information can make your case seem to drag along and can in fact produce delays. We will make certain that you understand your responsibilities in preparing your case. You and your hip replacement lawyer, cooperating and working together, can significantly reduce the length of time before compensation.

If your implant is covered under the DePuy recall and it has failed, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with all the paperwork and telephone calls and meetings associated with your lawsuit while at the same time you are suffering from physical pain, emotional distress and financial hardship.

We do not want to add the stress of a protracted lawsuit to your situation. On the contrary, we think you have suffered enough. Because a DePuy product has failed, you may be facing additional surgery and medical difficulties. With uncertainty about your health, the last thing you need is the anxiety of a lawsuit that drags on and on.

You can rely on the Rottenstein Law Group to do everything possible to give you confidence that the law can work for you in a timely manner.
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The amount of time a plaintiff could expect theirDePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit to take for an outcome.

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How Long Will My Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit Take?

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This article was published on 2011/02/04